Hussain Sajwani: UAE’s Property Mogul with a Midas touch for Success

Hussain Sajwani’s reputation as an astute entrepreneur is nothing short of excellence. As the chairman of DAMAC Group, Sajwani has strived to develop the construction company into a trendsetter in the Arabian construction industry. His keen business acumen and insightful leadership have played an integral role when venturing in the food industry in the early stages of his career. Such profound wisdom has enabled him to develop and maintain excellent relationships with friends in high places.


DAMAC’s Portfolio


DAMAC is widely considered to be a major player in UAE’s construction industry. Its impressive portfolio boasts of swanky property developments and stunning marketing stunts “ get a free Bentley for every luxury apartment purchase”. The company’s latest investment into golf course projects with Mr. Trump is a testament to great lengths covered by the Hussain Sajwani family in being a dominant business player.


DAMAC has successfully provided high-quality food services to America and other nations over the years. Their extensive presence is felt in the Gulf, Bosnia, Somalia and multinational corporations such as the Bechtel Company. The DAMAC owner insists that the food business catapulted the company into an unprecedented success. Hussain Sajwani fully intends on nurturing such exemplary business skills as the company considers selling its shares in an IPO, preferably with the London Stock Exchange.


According to Mr. Hussain Sajwani, the IPO is simply intended on gaining additional cash for expansion purposes rather than solving any insolvency issues as previously believed. In essence, the company board of directors is open to considering other options regarding expansion strategies.


Since its formation in 2002, DAMAC properties has exponentially grown by capitalizing on aggressive marketing campaigns while offering luxurious properties and high-quality services. More importantly, adopting off-plan sales proved to be a valuable strategy in withering the financial crisis in 2008.


Philanthropies Supported By Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties


As a successful entrepreneur, Hussain Sajwani is an avid philanthropist across various Foundations. His $ 2 million contribution to AED’s campaign focusing on improving the living standards of over one million children in the UAE speaks volumes about his commitment to charity. Such a noteworthy contribution in partnership with the Dubai government has been lauded for making an enormous positive change in UAE.


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