The Online Success of Fabletics

Amazon is no doubt the largest online shopping platform where people from different walks of life converge and buy various products. From fashion clothing to electronics, Amazon no doubt has a lion share in the industry. As a matter of fact, the company controls over 20% of the e-commerce fashion platform, a position that gives it an advantage over other fashion companies. To most fashion-oriented businesses and online shops, getting a share of the market has not been an easy task. However, the same cannot be said of Fabletics.

Fabletics is a fashion company that deals with the sale of activewear, fitness, and workout clothes to its enormous base of potential clients. With over four years in the industry, Fabletics has grown from a mere fashion company to a business empire worth over $250 million thanks to its unique buyer subscription mechanism. The company attracts a huge base of potential clients since it depends more on creating tailor-made products meant for different customers. Apart from this, the company employs a membership platform where the clients can purchase their preferred cloth ware and register with the company as members. The company believes that with the combination of these two marketing strategies, they can be in a position to get a huge market share and make Amazon run for its money.

The success of the membership marketing process has seen Fabletics open more physical stores in addition to over 16 stores located in Illinois, Hawaii, Florida, and California. According to the General Manager of Fabletics, the success of the company has been attributed to building a modernized version of brand marketing that allows the company to personalize its services and products to suit those of their clients while at the same having the edge over their competitors by selling their products at half the price. As a company that deals with physical stores as its marketing strategy, Fabletics depends on three ways to promote its stores. These measures are such as encouraging reverse showrooming, having unlimited access to people and culture, and using online data to promote its membership plans.

Kate Hudson has been on the forefront in promoting Fabletics to the world. As an actress with tight schedules, most of Kate’s roles were mainly in front of the camera, until Fabletics president Gregg Throgmartin spotted her simplicity when it came to fashion. The two had a fruitful conversation, and a partnership deal was struck. Today, Kate is a team for the company.

Kate has helped Fabletics attain international standards by promoting the products to her fellow Hollywood actors and actresses. The success of the company has also been attributed to her contributions.

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Fabletics: Taking Over the Fashion Industry

Fabletics is a clothing line owned by Kate Hudson that mainly deals in women sportswear. It also deals in sports accessories. It operates on a monthly membership structure, and if you join as a VIP member, you can purchase your outfit at only 25 dollars. Fabletics customizes products based on clients’ preferences. After joining, you take out a short survey on the style of outfits you like and also the type of workouts you do. You then get workout outfits picked for you at the start of each month.


Fabletics has been known for the quality of its products. Some consumers have appreciated the quality versus price ratio of Fabletics’ products. An example of one product is the leggings. Clients say that these have a good compression over time, hold their shape and also do not fade. The broad range of styles has also impressed some consumers who regularly shop at Fabletics. Below we’ll get to see how Fabletics became a fierce competitor in the fashion industry.


Finding success in the fashion industry is no mean feat especially with companies such as Amazon controlling about a fifth of the e-commerce market share. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has weathered the storm and is valued at 250 million dollars after only three years. Fabletics sells clothing to its clientele through its unique subscription mechanic, and this enables the company to tailor products according to customers’ preferences.


In the past, price and quality were the only elements used to determine a ‘high-value brand.’ The modern consumer‘s definition of a ‘high-value brand’ depends on factors such as gamification elements, last-mile service, brand recognition and customer experience. This is due to an economic slump in recent times. Fabletics liken themselves to premium brands such as Apple. Their positioning is making good returns as they prepare to open more and more stores in addition to the existing ones.


For a brand to be successful in such a dominated and populated industry, it must have some unique ways of operation and tactics. The General Manager of Fabletics, Gregg Throgmartin, says that the secret behind Fabletics’ success was building a ‘high-value brand’ from the start. He added that their membership model allows them to personalize their services and offer trending fashion products for half the price of their competitors.


Fabletics operates its stores in different ways which have proved successful over the course of its three years in operation. One of their most successful technique was employing “webrooming” or “reverse showrooming.” This is where people shop for their products online and end up buying them in Fabletics shops. This model has worked effortlessly for Fabletics because of their membership model. This model enables them to build strong client relationships, be relied on by their customers and also gives them more knowledge of the local market. About 30-50 percent of people who walk in their stores are already members of the company, and another 25 percent become members in the store.


Fabletics also uses local online data to store goods in their physical locations which will appeal to customers.