Dick DeVos Work History

Supporting the matters that are associated with education was the priority of the Dick DeVos. What marked the extent of his support is the donation of $3 million and $357,000 to boost the educational matters in schools and other groups that provide much backing to it. The primary ambition of Dick DeVos was to push the dreams of education of the many young Americans to the required position. DeVos’ donation was mainly to assist in the sector of administration and teachers in the system of education. To make his donation accessed by the right people who were meant for, he channeled it through the stated procedures by the charitable organizations. The group that was among the first beneficiaries of the Dick DeVos was Lansing-based Great Lakes Education Foundation. This indicated that his aim of assisting the public directly was not borne out of political agenda.

There are some of the known worthwhile projects that have been run by his donation. This includes the aviation-themed charter school located at Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Additionally, he extended his assistance by buying the first plane worth $315,000 to West Michigan Aviation Academy to support their education. Furthermore, his was the philanthropist who chipped in with their donation by raising approximately $2.4 million to Arts & Culture in the year 2015 and also donated $22 million to University of Maryland with the aim of launching the new project of DeVos Institute of Arts Management. He further supported in the build of the Chicago mega church to bring the sanity in the society by bringing up the future moral leaders. He has transverse across the globe attending the summit organized by the various philanthropist.

Dick DeVos effort of bringing a lot of transformation to the society constructed a huge sports arena at Grand Rapids that is used to nurture young talents. His pragmatic skills in the field of business also made it available to the community by forming the Grand Action made up of the firm leaders pushing for the erection of the sports recreational facility within the central business district. The few of the facilities that were put in place due to his urge include the DeVos Place Convention Centre and the market niche called the Grand Rapids City Market. He has contributed a lot out of his determination and clear policies that were put in place for transformation.

Dick DeVos later pushed for the rule that changed the Michigan to be a work place. He then set aside $138.7 million in the construction of the education, church work and other essential programs in the area. This was aimed at bringing the balance regarding perception between the children of the poor and the rich.