Kim so Shows Us What Mc Donalds is Like in Korea and They Go Shopping

McDonalds Fast food Restaurant is found worldwide in 120 countries. Kim Dao and her friend, Sunnydahye, stopped into a Hongdae Korea McDonalds when they visited Korea last summer. Kim Dao ordered the grilled mushroom burger, sweet chilli, some French fries, Mc Nuggets, and a regular Coke. Sunny had a Mc Spicy fried chicken breast sandwich and some fries. Kim Dao was quick to point out that not all McDonals all over the world have to have exactly the same menu ( Sunny told Kim Dao that Japanese McDonalds are the only ones that sell pork burgers. Kim Dao told us that Japanese and Australian Mc Donalds do not carry the mushroom burger, although they do carry the Mc Spicy. In Australia, they have a chicken patty version of the Mc Spicy. The mushroom burger came with cheese, lettuce, and sauce. The soft drinks are served in see-through plastic cups rather than the paper cups with the McDonalds.  Learn more : logo.


Kim Dao told us that Sunny wants to buy scented candles. Kim Dao and Sunny like shopping in Korea because everything costs less than it does in Japan ( The two young women entered the Innisfree Shopping Mall. There was a shop that sold perfume, cosmetics, and candles. Sunny had second thoughts about wanting to get anymore candles. Kim Dao did she did not want to buy any candles because she might burn her house down.Learn more :



Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Partners with University of Chicago for Latest Breast Cancer Data Analysis Program

In March 2017,Tempus, which was founded by Eric Lefkofsky, announced that it wanted to partner with the University of Chicago to gather the latest data on breast cancer treatment. The latest data analysis program is designed to provide individual molecular analysis and sequencing in order to be able to come up with individual treatment plans for breast cancer patients. Tempus’ intention is to analyze data taken from 1,000 patients in order to help improve the program not only for the present time but for decades to come in the future as well and more information click here.

At the present time, Tempus uses genomic sequencing and machine learning in order to make timely personal treatment plans. However, the University of Chicago has stated that there is currently not enough easily accessible data for those who are currently battling breast cancer or have done so in years past. The latest analysis program, if it passes the trial stage will be able to provide this.

Eric Lefkofsky is currently the CEO and a co-founder of Tempus. Tempus is a technology organization that specializes in assisting in the treatment of cancer. He has also founded several other organizations, which include Groupon, LightBank, Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, InnerWorkings and Echo Global Logistics. That being said, there is almost no limit to what sort of field that Lefkofsky will invest in and learn more about Eric Lefkofsky.

Aside from the data technology, funding and logistics organizations mentioned above, Lefkosky, along with his wife, founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006. The Foundation is involved with any organization that helps to improve life. This includes but is not limited to Aspen Art Museum, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, and The Success Project. Lefkofsky is also an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago and serves as a Trustee of several organizations, including Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, World Business of Chicago and Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

Brad Reifler Has An Intelligent View Of Investing

Many people look to the financial industry for insight on what investments are doing well in the markets daily. They look to understand the direction of the markets and what is affecting the movement of the markets. This information is used by people to help determine what investments they should invest in currently or moving forward. While many people look to the financial industry for information, there is a lot of information that can be pulled from the financial industry.

The people who are successful at making investment choices understand what information to look at and what to determine from the information in relation to making investment decisions.

Investors and investment professionals are all unique in how they look at financial information to help them determine various things about the markets and investments. There is no set way or method that is used to pick investments. This is one of the reasons why investing is so challenging.

Many investors choose to get help from investment professionals because of the challenges that investing presents to investors and investment professionals. Many investors realize that investing requires a certain level of time and commitment to be able to make informed decisions.

Therefore, the use of investment professionals goes beyond the amount of investment knowledge that people have inside. Even people with investment knowledge can use help, they understand what is all involved in making good investment decisions.

Brad Reifler is an investment professional who has been helping people choose great investments for many years. His record of investment performance has been and continues to be admired by people both inside and outside the financial industry. Brad Reifler brings a unique blend of energy, talent, skills, and expertise to the investment world.

Brad Reifler has moved up in the investment field for numerous reasons. He is now the CEO of one of the top investment firms in its market area. His leadership has made the firm a top investment firm. In addition, he still uses his investment expertise and other abilities to make investment choices.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler is one of the most watched investment professionals in the investment arena. His perspective of investing is followed by many investors and investment professionals.

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How EOS Became the Lip Balm of Choice for Millennial Women

In the Fast Company article “The Untold Story of How Lip Balm Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick”, Elizabeth Segran describes how Evolution of Smooth (a.k.a. EOS lip balm) became a best-selling lip balm over the past seven years through product innovation and marketing that targeted millennial women.

Co-founders Sanjiv Mehra, John Teller, and Craig Dubitsky recognized an opportunity to break into the beauty aisle after discovering that most lip balms were almost identical to the lip products from 100 years ago.

Through consumer research, they noticed that it was mainly used by women as a part of their beauty routine. Instead of marketing it as a unisex product as its predecessors had, EOS wanted to create a lip balm made specifically for women that was still priced to compete with the industry leaders.

They chose to focus on sensory engagement such as soft, colorful packaging and a unique flavor made from organic ingredients, to create a fun customer experience that was both effective and enjoyable.

However, it was difficult to place the product in drugstores and chain stores because they were concerned that customers were loyal to their usual brand and those men wouldn’t understand the product.

But after a fateful meeting with a Walgreens buyer, EOS launched the product and quickly landed accounts with Walmart and Target, followed by online stores of eBay and Amazon. In order to scale quickly, they invested in their own equipment and created an automated production system that allowed them to compete with industry leaders like Burt’s Bees and Chapstick.

EOS also began to niche down on their target audience, focusing on millennial women between the ages of 25 and 35. In order to reach them, they began to use influencer marketing. Having beauty bloggers review the product on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and having celebrities like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Demi Lovato endorse the product made them one of the biggest advertisers in that category.

Within seven years, the brand became a household name, selling more than a million units each week. The company wants to keep to its evolutionary roots by continuing to innovate the beauty aisle. From shaving creams to lotions, EOS keeps setting new standards for their industry.

How John Goullet has Helped Businesses to Flourish through Provision of Cutting-edge IT Staffing Services

John Goullet is a serial entrepreneur who is highly skilled in matters of IT staffing. He is also an IT consultant and a visionary corporate leader who facilitated the formation of DIVERSANT, LLC, by merging two leading IT staffing businesses.

Mr. Goullet: the Info Technologies’ founder

Mr. Goullet kick-started his professional career in IT tech staffing and later established his IT business, Info Technologies. This company specializes in the provision of staffing solutions to a broad client base, including members of the Fortune 500 companies in America. Mr. Goullet served as the boss of this firm from 1994 to 2010. Under his management, Inc. Magazine cited Info Technologies for being among the exponentially expanding businesses. In 2010, Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. formed a partnership and named their new company DIVERSANT, LLC. Mr. Goullet was made the chair of the company, a position he still holds to date.

Mr. Goullet: the senior principal of DIVERSANT

DIVERSANT, LLC, is an African-American business enterprise that provides innovative products that range from staffing solutions, staffing augmentation, to consultation services. Additionally, this company also provides IT solutions that are on contract, permanent, or contingent basis to maintain the operations of the Fortune 500 companies at an optimal level. Its other clients include mid-sized firms in a selected number of industries. Mr. Goullet’s current role at DIVERSANT has enabled the company increases its net worth as well as mobilize an innovative task force that fosters the company’s success and learn more about Goullet.

Mr. Goullet employs professionalism in managing this corporation, and the results are visible in the exponential growth of the company even during economic recessions. At DIVERSANT, LLC, he is known to encourage respect, discipline, creativity, and high levels of ethics when executing duties. His facebook, Mr. Goullet believes that teamwork, especially in the field of IT staffing, is what makes companies excel. It is through his exemplary actions that DIVERSANT obtained the highly coveted certificate of a Minority-Owned business franchise. Under his leadership, DIVERSANT has earned a position among the best-performing companies in the U.S. His deep background in computer science is what makes him an excellent IT consultant and staffing expert and more information click here.

End Citizens United Plans To Capture The Political Arena By Raising $35 M For Midterm Elections

End Citizens United, the famous Political Action Committee (PAC) is on a mission to make a significant impact in the upcoming Congress elections in 2018. Since it founded in the year 2015, the PAC has garnered the attention of many people with its mission and action plans. In a recent confirmation, the president and executive director of the group, Tiffany Muller confirmed that it is planning to raise around $35 million before the midterm elections to the Congress next year. She also revealed that the PAC has already raised $4 million during the first quarter of 2017, which is considered to be a great leap for the group which has set a ceiling for the contributions.


To align with the mission of PAC, it accepts a maximum of $5,000 from an individual and keeps the data transparent. It should be noted that the PAC was set up in the wake of 2010 Citizens United verdict by the Supreme Court that recognized the corporate groups and unions as citizens. The verdict paved the way of unaccounted and uncontrolled cash into the election campaigns from the day. The super-rich and corporate groups pumped large chunks to political campaigns to make sure their desired candidates winning the elections to make profits from political advantages. Obviously, this was against the wish of the ordinary people and was not effectively representing the American democratic processing. To fight and control this, a group of political activists founded End Citizens United.


Since it founded, End Citizens United tried to play bigger roles in the political arena with a mission to bring legislation that ensures reform in campaign finance. By raising the targeted amount, the PAC is looking to elect maximum candidates who are supporting its mission to the Congress in 2018 election. By sending maximum candidates, the PAC is hoping to make the legislation that can control the unaccounted money flow into the election process. Per Tiffany, the PAC is highly influencing the people with its mission. “People now feel that the system is worked out against them, and super rich or corporate with massive contributions have a better influence in the system,” Muller said. “Now, the common people woke up to fight back.”


The target of $35 million is a great achievement considering the 2016 Presidential Election raised $25 million, and within two years a more amount is being targeted. In the 2016 Presidential Election, a number of like-minded candidates received the support and assistance from End Citizens United. The group is also fighting back the policies of Donald Trump and even worked with Republican Senators to vote out Betsy DeVos from being the United States Secretary of Education. The PAC favors Democrats over Republicans in campaigns as it feels that the ideologies and policies of Democrats are better supporting the reform in campaign finance.




New Research Study Findings by Podcast One Show the Effectiveness of Podcast Advertising

Advertising takes on many forms and shapes. Paid advertising on podcasts is our latest cup of tea being adept online marketers. For years, people have argued about the efficiency of using podcasts to grow and expand a brand to a niche target. Podcast adverts really do work wonders. Here’s why.


To help illustrate the point, let’s recap the study findings of a recently concluded double-blind study carried out by Podcast One. The golden standard experiment could have been possible without the support of the Edison Research Group. In the experiment, test subjects got subjected to adverts from two categories of brands. Half the adverts were from known products while the rest were from obscure, little-known brands. The research process took a total of 4 to 6 weeks from start till completion. Here are the startling result findings according to PRNewswire


  • The number of participants who recalled particular grocery brand adverts increased by 7% as compared to the control group
  • Participants gained 47% financial services product awareness
  • Brand responsivity for automobiles went up by 37%
  • The post research findings showed that the participants went home with a ‘very favorable’ opinion of the brands mentioned in the ads


What does it all mean? Well, in a nutshell, the consumers showed an increased willingness to purchase or order the goods, services and other commodities featured on the ads placed on their favorite podcasts. That means a lot for a niche marketer looking to grow his venture to the audiences of the podcasts especially seeing to it that it is relatively cheap. Yes, you cannot compare the costs associated with placing an advert on a podcast with that of placing it on a site with a similar following. What’s more? This avenue works wonders in prompting our potential customers to react by doing business with us and hence increased revenues.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman is an established media mogul specializing in the radio industry in America. The investor has spent his entire life in the entertainment industry. During that period, he’s launched successful media enterprises like Giant Westwood Radio Station and Courtside Entertainment Group. The latter Group has gone ahead to become one of the most on demand station despite only have been founded in 2010. Later, in 2013, Norman would go ahead to set up his first mostly online venture, PodCast One. He’s the present CEO, President and Board Chairman at Podcast One which carried out the study featured above.

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