Parallels Between The Kabbalah Centre and The Bible

Humanity is very funny when it comes to spirituality. Often times, when information that concerns reality and spiritual concerns is presented, it is often hoarded away for many different reasons. Among the spiritual documents that have been kept away from the crowd for the longest time are the Bible and Kabbalistic teachings. As a matter of fact, both the bible and the Kabbalistic teachings have been kept away from people with the exception of the select few until recently. This has caused a lot of people to expect that spiritual teachings are going to be brought to them by a leader. However, they now have the luxury and the responsibility to read these teachings for themselves.

There have been a lot of reasons given for the hoarding of information from the masses. One of the given reasons is that many people can’t understand what is written down. Therefore, they need the training in order to be able to read and learn from these spiritual documents. Often times, people had to have a license in order to hold a bible. At the same time, Kabbalistic teachings including teachings of the Zohar were not allowed to anyone who was not over 40 years old and a devout student.

Recently, things had begun to change when it has come to the availability of spiritual documents. For instance, the Bible has become available for the masses. Therefore, anyone can get a hold of the bible and read it for themselves. However, it is still not that common for people to have read the bible because they may find themselves intimidated at such a huge task. Therefore, people still go to church in order to get the message while reading the bible. At the same time, people who are interested in Kabbalistic teachings take classes at The Kabbalah Centre and connect with one another in order to learn the lessons that are available to them.

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