Squaw Valley Statement Review

In the last months of 2016, Squaw Valley released a statement regarding the claims that E. Coli bacteria was discovered in the drinking water at Squaw Valley’s upper mountain. Since the news of the outbreak of E. Coli, Squaw Valley has responded to the situation in a very positive way. Water treatments on Squaw Valley’s upper mountain has since taken place, and there are reports of improvement in the water quality. The statement reports that three of the four wells on the upper mountain show low levels of coliform, as well as no signs of E. Coli bacteria.


Squaw Valley has also taken many precautions to prevent any health issues. The restaurants located on the upper part of the mountain have remained closed, and skiers have not been cleared to drink water until the issue is completely resolved. These actions prove that Squaw Valley is taking this issue very seriously, and is taking the necessary steps to minimize issues for skiers and local residents. The statement also gives the reasoning behind the potential bacteria infections, as well as the planned steps to efficiently and correctly solve this issue. The statement also refers to the importance of customer safety. Squaw Valley values customer safety at a very high level, and has stated the necessary steps that are being taken to prevent any potential harm to valued customers. The Valley has also stated that many resources at the resort are being used in order to display the seriousness of this bacteria issue.

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